More famous couterparts and Carina’s first page critique

Well, this is a good start for a Cassandra trying to be cheerful. I spent a day or two reading how to build the right blog post. I learnt that it’s important to use your name in the URL and title and to make sure it looks good on mobile devices (because most people search on those now, not PCs apparently).

So, I’ve done that and I’ve checked how it displays on my phone. It looks great – clean and uncluttered. Then I made the mistake of ‘searching’ for it. The other Sue Cook, the famous one, has got a writing blog too. Will Google find mine, even when I type in really specific search terms like Cassandra, a name harking back to an old blog that I can’t shake off? Will it heck.

It’s enough to make a girl change her name.

Still, onward and upward and all that. No doubt clawing your way to the top of the Google pile is to do with metatags and SEOs and SERPS and other techie stuff I haven’t had time to address yet (for address read ‘understand’). Not sure I ever will, frankly. Money might have to change hands. Meanwhile, I’m desperate to get back to a bit of bodice ripping after a day trying to make sense of customisers and widgets.

But let’s talk about writing. I discovered today in Carina’s blog one of their famous but all too rare first page critiques. Excellent, thinks I. And I read the sample provided. Well, badly written first paragraph, which should have been broken up into oooooh, I don’t know, six, seven mini paras? And there were clumsy and gratuitous bits of physical description dropped in there, too. Do I really want to know how heavy her dog is? But paragraph two, Aha! That’s a bit more like it. Hints of a turbulent past. I’m ready to turn the page.

Let’s see what the editors made of  … Oh…

Sigh. Oh well, I really didn’t expect my first Carina submission to succeed. We’ll see what they made of it when it comes back. All feedback is good feedback.

No, really, it is.

Cheerful Kalmia from my garden. © Sue Cook 2017

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