World Kindness Day

Paws for Thought, picture courtesy of Pixabay

Today I went in search of a new magazine called In The Moment. I’ll be honest, I’m not a great magazine reader: I was after its short story as this has been flagged up as a new market. Sadly, the magazine was proving difficult to find.

It wasn’t in any of the larger supermarkets so I had to make a special trip into W H Smiths in town. It’s a while since I’ve been there, to be honest. And it had changed. The long magazine display along the left wall had been replaced by books. The upstairs book department had closed. I eventually found the magazine display, drastically reduced, in the middle of the shop. There were a few mindfulness-type mags, but no sign of In The Moment. Rats.

I queued and asked the chap behind the till. He’d never heard of it, but suggested that if it was a ladies magazine then it might be in a separate display, one which I hadn’t noticed. Readers, I checked every title, and finally, on my hands and knees, peering into the top, rearmost corner of the bottom shelf, I spotted the corner of a magazine on which was written ‘In The M’. Eureka!

How those less determined than me are meant to find it, I have no idea. So, £5.99 lighter, I headed to Debenhams, a lunch of fish and chips (I’m not allowed fish in the house) and settled down to enjoy.

The story is in a handy, handbag-size pullout section which also contains a decent-size crossword and advice on managing flu – appropriate for November. The story was beautiful and left me with a sense of feeling good. Just what you want over a quiet lunch by yourself.

Now I’m sitting at my desk looking through the rest of it and I’ve spotted a diary date of Nov 13th – World Kindness Day. Take a moment to be kind to yourself and others, inspired by the Small Kindness Movement to spread kindness in society. What a lovely idea. Far better than burning a 400-year-old terrorist and frightening our pets half to death with flashes and bangs.

On which note I’m going to give a quick plug for an anthology written by some writing pals of mine in aid of an RSPCA group. It’s called Paws for Thought and you can get it here. It contains 27 stories by well known womag writies such as Patsy Collins and Beatrice Charles.