Fame at last!

It’s sunny … somewhere

It’s been a miserable week (for some anyway. Me, I love the snow) and there are various annoyances in my life right now. So it was cheering to find myself on The People’s Friend’s blog as writer of the week. Terrible photo, of course, but it’s still just a bit thrilling to see your name up there. That ‘I’ve arrived’ feeling, if only in a small way.

It made up for a daylong powercut, which forced me out of the house, and much gnashing of teeth. Why were my teeth a-gnashing? Because, after the power went off, I decided to check on the weather forecast. This is a constant thorn in my side – I’ve even written a black comedy flash about it. What I got on my mobile was ‘dry in most places (except Scotland) with some sunny intervals’. I checked the weather at the place I was thinking of spending the day (Fairburn Ings in Yorkshire) and found the forecast was for cloud all day long. Where I live? Same thing. Newcastle? Heavy rain. It was only when I got down to Birmingham that a half-hearted half-sun icon peeping from behind a cloud first appeared. In other words, mostly dry with sunny intervals in the south.

But, look on the bright side, it wasn’t actually raining (though it did start to do this about 2pm). So I set off for Fairburn Ings and hit…dense fog! 40mph on the motorway for miles. Didn’t mention that on the forecast, did it? They should move the weather centre to Manchester or Leeds, that’s my view.

Anyway, rant over. Having my serial finally published prompted me to join ALCS, or the Author’s Licensing and Collecting Society, the people who keep an eye on who’s using your work and then send you a cheque every so often.

I’d heard of them and knew other womag writers were members, but with my miserly output I hadn’t seen the point. Apparently it’s very worthwhile, financially, so I downloaded the form, filled it in and can look forward to a year of struggling to find the right ISSN number for my meagre successes.

A small matter for more money in the bank.

Meanwhile, the power is back on and I’m back to writing. Happy times.





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